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About us
Go and Connect is a company that specialises in travel guides and bringing people together through online services. We are a small team of dedicated people trying to make a difference. We work hard to create more than just a guide to a place, but to create a space for a community to develop where people can assist each other. The main core consists of online communities surrounding city guides for cosmopolitan cities around the world with informative and fun content. Our aim is to "connect" people in cities around the world. We give advice and help to the traveller coming to a new place and offer a platform for locals and visitors to get together through the chatrooms, message boards, private messages, and classifieds.

The company can be described by the following mission statement and vision:

Mission statement
Go and Connect S.L. provides information for foreigners who live or are going to live abroad and for travellers in general. The core business consists of building online communities around the world and publishing informative magazines.

Go and Connect offers a platform on the Internet for connecting people from different cosmopolitan cities around the world.
Go and Connect is a growing company and is always ready to welcome new people. Everyone can become part of the community and make use of our specialised services. We are also looking for people with travel experience and a talent for writing to join the project and become part of our team. Furthermore there is the possibility for companies to place an advertisement on our websites.

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Go and Connect is an online information provider for foreigners who live or are going to live abroad and for travellers in general. The main core consists of online communities surrounding city guides for cosmopolitan cities around the world and publishing informative magazines. The business plan was formed in August 2001 when Alex Dean had the idea of creating these online communities. It started in Barcelona with the aim to "connect" people in different cities around the world.

Barcelona Connect is the first online community under the Go and Connect umbrella and has enjoyed strong success with the website and the monthly publication of a magazine. Barcelona Connect has over 4500 visitors each day and a community consisting of more than 12.000 members. Every day new members become part of the Barcelona community. Inspired by this success, the Go and Connect network has extended to many other cities. Each web site consists of hundreds of pages of information about the city, including bars, restaurants, clubs, schools, accommodation, activities, sightseeing and an extensive amount of well researched useful information for visitors and residents alike. Different services have also been added to the initial concept, such as the published magazine, free online classifieds and the chat-room and messages options.

2005 was a good year for Go and Connect since many new websites for important cities were launched, especially in Europe. Making the websites takes a lot of time in research and writing, but Go and Connect has the right resources and uses the knowledge of foreigners who are familiar with the specific cities. After Europe, Go and Connect will extend to other big cities, until it is connecting people all over the world…………

Why become a member?
All our websites provide useful information, with hundreds of pages about each city. However the Go and Connect website also offers different possibilities for getting in contact with other travellers and interested people. Each Go and Connect website has its own community consisting of people who want to know more about the city and its culture. You also can become part of this community to exchange advice and personal experience, and get together through the chatrooms, message boards, private messages, and classifieds.

To become a member, click Sign in and create an account to make use of the following extras:

As a member you can place your own advertisements in the classified section. The different kind’s of categories include accommodation, jobs, personals, buy and sell, language exchanges, travel, services and business. So if you are looking for a nice apartment or a job, you just place an ad or read the other ads and the rest is up to you. It is an easy way to get in contact with the people who can meet your needs.

The message board is very useful if you have questions that you want answered, and for providing feedback for others. Many members are open to giving you their help and advice which can save you a lot of time and problems. Especially when you are new to a city, it is an easy way to get around and meet people.

The chat is connected to each Go and Connect city so this means you will be in touch with people from all over the world. Most of the people who are member of Go and Connect are interested in travelling and love to tell about it. The chat is a very good way to make friends from other countries or making contacts within your own city.

Every member has his or her own profile with information about themselves, a message to the other members and sometimes a picture or even a whole album of pictures. If you become a member you can look through these profiles and look for the right person to make contacts. You can contact members personally, so making friends isn’t hard anymore when you are new in town…

Place your advertisement on the website
The Go and Connect websites can introduce your business to many new visitors each day. Every Go and Connect website is strategically optimised for high positioning within the most important international search engines, such as Google, Yahoo and msn, and the communities attract visitors with an active interest in the services we propose. Our websites are aimed at travellers, foreign residents and native residents.

Many companies already use our service to attract more clients by advertising on our websites. We can offer the opportunity to place advertisements for the following sectors:

Just take a look at our Go and Connect website and see where your company fits best. The advertisement will be adapted to your own requirements. You can include up to three paragraphs of text (40 words each) with an extensive description of your company, and can also add three photos, your company logo, a map, complete contact details and a link to your website. Furthermore, it is possible to change the background to any colour or picture you want and to modify and update your ad personally at any given time.

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Become part of our team
We are always looking for editors to create new communities around the world. This is a great opportunity for you to create a guide about the place you know best. If you enjoy writing, live in a city that attracts many people from all over the world and think you know the place better than the back of your hand, well, then you're just the person we're looking for! Why not drop us a line at info@goandconnect.com.

Internship in Barcelona
Go and Connect offers internships for our company based in Barcelona. Possible internships are in the fields of journalism, marketing, translation and graphic and web design. We are always looking for interns so you can contact us for more information at jobsoff@goandconnect.com. Tell us what kind of an internship you are looking for, the period of your internship and include your CV. Maybe you too will become part of our team of motivated young people who love to travel and live in Barcelona!